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Art for the Planet

Virtual Exhibition

from April 17 to July 25 -  2024


In Venice, April 17 was the opening of the International Virtual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, "Art for the Planet" held by the Venezia Open Art Association.

The exhibit will last three months and will end on July 25, and involves artists from all over the world.

The works of the 18 selected artists are projected on a 120-inch screen inside the association's exhibition space in a continuous loop.

The "Art for the Planet" virtual exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore how contemporary artists address environmental challenges through visual art. With a wide range of works from painting to photography, video to digital art, this exhibition offers an in-depth look at the many dimensions of environmental and climate issues, but also offers a view into the beauty of our planet. 

The artists invite the public to reflect on the meaning and value of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Through the emotional power of art, they prompt viewers to reconnect with nature and develop a sense of responsibility toward its preservation, each with a unique and significant voice in the contemporary art scene.

The purpose is to demonstrate how even works of art can stimulate awareness about climate change, environmental problems, and make people think critically about their relationship to the natural environment and the patterns of consumption and production that contribute to climate change. Artwork that challenges cultural and social conventions can stimulate discussion and the search for sustainable solutions.


Alessandra Parmeggiani

Marco Bolognini

Sara Dotto

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