ART. 1 - Purpose

ART. 2 - Criteria for admission

ART. 3 - Jury

ART. 4 - How to apply

ART. 5 - Selected Artists

ART. 6 - Enter the Works

ART. 7 - Liability

ART. 8 - Permission



ART. 1 - Purpose


The Cultural Association Venezia Open Art, announces the selection of artists as part of the Second International Exhibition Venezia Open Art Prize, aimed at the promotion and enhancement of Contemporary and Emerging Artists.


The selection include:

An Collective Exhibition of a week in an exhibit space in October 2016.

A residence for artists in Venice, during the exhibition period.

A personal space on the website of Venezia Open Art for the first five artists selected to showing their works for one year.

Publication of the finalists works on the exhibition catalogue.

Publication of the photos of the finalist works on the Venezia Open Art website.



ART. 2 - Criteria for admission


The selection is open to all artists, regardless of age, sex, nationality or other qualification. 


Each artist can submit one work, created especially for the selection or existing, on any subject and choose between two themes:


The Four Elements: Water, Air, Ground, Fire”,


FreeMind”, free theme, "journey" into creativity.




Painting. Can be entered all the expressive techniques of art: oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc., on any material: canvas, paper, wood, plastic, etc.

The size of the work must not exceed 70 cm per side and 5 cm of thickness.

Photography. Can be entered photographs analogical, digital photographs, digital processing in b / w and color, works entirely created by computer and printed on a two-dimensional medium.

The size of the work must not exceed 70 cm per side and 5 cm of thickness.

Sculpture. Are permitted little sculptures only if it does not require installation or assembly and complete with stand. 

The size of the work must not exceed 70 cm per side and 70 cm of height.


The works must be appropriate for the exposure and may not contain subjects that incite to racism, discrimination or violence.


The first valuation and selection will be made exclusively by sending the works in digital format (jpg) through the form that is posted on the site:


Do not send the real works.

Any other posting on website not owned or not recognized by the Association will be rejected.



ART. 3 - Jury


The jury, in its sole discretion, will select the works of artists, based on the criteria of quality, research, originality, modernity and innovation who can take part the exhibition organized by the Association.

If the works proposed by the artists do not reach the quality standard desired, the jury may decide to cancel the Exhibition.


The jury will be composed of artists, teachers, and professionals working in field of contemporary art and culture.



ART. 4 - How to apply


Artists can sign up no later than 12 noon on 30 July 2016, exclusively online by completing the entry form at:

The artists will have to send a photo of the candidate works  in jpg format, with a maximum resolution of 150 dpi and no more than 2 MB, short biographical text (max 200 words), the title, date, dimension and material of the work and a note on the work presented.

The participation fee is 50,00€ as a membership fee to Association Venezia Open Art. This fee will give the opportunity, to the artist, to partecipate to all activities of the Association.

Artists must keep a copy of the payment. The registration fee is non-refundable.



ART. 5 - Selected Artists


The selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit in a Collective at one Exhibition Space in the historic center of Venice.


For the first selected artist will be assigned a Residence of 4 day, for 2 person, in Venice during the exhibition days.

The stay is for 3 nights (4 days), only accomodation in a studio apartment in Venice, chosen by Association.


For the first five artist selected, in jury sole discretion, will be created a space on the website of Venezia Open Art, containing a brief biography and 3 works.


Pubblication of the finalist works on the Exhibition Catalogue and  on the Association website



The dates of the opening of the exhibition and will be communicated to the selected artists with a mail and published on and FaceBook page. 

The exhibition will be a week and is inclusive of setting up and vernissage. 

The layout and organization of the exhibition will be organized by the Association Venezia Open Art, which is organising the exhibition areas according to the criteria of valuation and optimization.

Each artist selected for the exhibition, will receive a free copy of the catalog.

The works will remain property of the Artists.


All the works of artists selected will be published on the website of Venice Open Art for one year, 




ART. 6 - Sending the Works


After the selection, the artists selected will be required to:

submit the work for the realization of the exhibition, which features what is necessary for the display itself (hangers, any frames, etc.) 

a photo of the work in jpg format and high resolution for the catalog.


The Association will be not responsable for any works that not have the necessary provisions above.

The works that not have the necessary provision will be not expose at the Exhibition.


The selected works will be sent to the address indicated to the artists selected by mail.


The works must be shipped and withdraw with all shipping charge borne by the artist and with a reusable packaging.

Delivery dates will be communicated to the artists by email.


All shipping charges (round trip) and any insurance price or custom fee, will be entirely on charge of Artists. 


The Association is not responsible for any postal delays in the delivery of the works. It is advisable to send the works by courier.



ART. 7 - Liability


The Cultural Association Venezia Open Art, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works, disclaims any responsibility for any theft, fire, or any damages, to the works or people, which may occur during all stages of the event. Any insurance request will be supported by the Artists. We invite artists to keep up to date on developments in the selection, which will be regularly posted on the site

The organization will send to all members of the list the relevant communication. Please provide an real email address.

All communication will be via email.



ART. 8 - Consent


The decisions of the Jury Award are irrevocable. The winning artists have the right to give the prizes up without asking in Venice Open Art no form of compensation, in which case the prize will be reassigned according to the list compiled by the jury. Each candidate authorizes Venice Open Art reproduction rights of works and texts issued for the drafting of the catalog, the archive of entries and for the publication of the works on the website of the prize and other forms of communication and organization activities.

Each candidate authorizes the Cultural Association of Venice Open Art, and their direct representatives, to treat personal data transmitted pursuant to Law Decree. 196/2003 (Privacy), also for inclusion in databases operated by the persons in question.


The jury also reserves the right to postpone or cancel the exposure in the event of any logistical problems or of any other nature, giving notice on the website.

Participation in the competition implies knowledge and full acceptance of these Regulations.

The exhibition and prizes are reserved for members of the Association Venezia Open Art. The membership fee for 2016 is € 50,00. The fee is non-refundable (see art. 5).


The Association Venezia Open Art shall have the final decision on anything not specified in this announcement.

The Association reserves the right to make changes to the call if the need arises.

Any dispute will be settled by the Court of Venice.